It is an automatic human response to massage an ache or spot of pain on our body. However, the origins of massage techniques were developed by the Chinese many centuries ago.  They believed that the technique was linked to resetting the balance of the body’s natural energy – chi.  It is generally understood that during this type of treatment, the healing energy is sent from the therapist to the client, creating a state of calm and well being –  a natural recharge effect.

The therapist’s hands move over the client’s body and the pressure that is applied stimulates the sensory endings within the client’s skin which in turns sends stimuli down the nervous system to the body’s organs creating deep tissue relaxation.  It can also increase the body’s blood and lymph circulation.


Jane will carry out a detailed consultation initially and then propose a suitable therapy.

Female feet with pedicureClients will be asked to lie on the treatment couch as therapy begins.  Jane will offer either a deep tissue or a relaxing massage whichever is appropriate.  The massaging therapy will be carried out at Jane’s studio in Staines, near London.

Jane is also qualified to carry out sports injury massage.

Get in touch with Jane to discuss your treatment.





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