Counselling Service - Jane Shaw Cunningham
Jane – Counsellor

There are times in life when things are just too much of a struggle, when emotions are overwhelming, old certainties replaced by confusion.

At such times it can be helpful to have access to someone who will offer support and time to listen. Someone who is not a friend or family member.  A person who will listen without bias and is skilled in helping people to explore issues.  A counsellor.

Jane, has been a counsellor for many years.  She will listen empathetically and counsel when appropriate, using questioning to help her client explore their main issues in order to gain a better understanding of their problem.

Examples of difficulties might include:

anxiety, depression, bereavement, stress, low self esteem, lack of confidence, decrease in libido, anger and difficult life changes

Counselling therapy  allows clients to talk in depth about issues and feelings in a calm, safe environment.

Jane is professionally trained and offers counselling on many levels.  She trained at the National Westminster Pastoral Society and studied counselling for bereavement, addiction, marriage and emotional therapy.  .  She has worked for several well-known charitable organisations including MENCAP, London Lighthouse, Samaritans and MacMillan. She works in drug rehabilitation and with orphaned children in Romania, the homeless and several hospices.

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